Just Do It!

Blog PicPeople are still buying CD’s!  People are still enjoying live music!  People still value, and often prefer instrumental music which comes from the heart, and enters the heart without lyrics to explain, or even manipulate how we are supposed to feel.  The people described here are fans of No Explanations.

There is a place musicians dream about.  A place where one is free to compose, and improvise the music of his or her heart without judgment or competition.  A place where genre and category are irrelevant.  This is a place which requires only curiosity of an artist to enter, but it requires courage to remain.  Some call this place artistic freedom.  Some call this integrity.  We simply call it fun.

Art Imitates Life

I was driving my wife to the airport in the morning rush hour traffic.  Along the right side of the road I saw the foot path for bikes and joggers.  We were moving slow enough for us to notice an African American woman walking north (away from us) and an Asian man walking south (our direction).  As the two approached each other, the African American woman looked to her right into the woods, and the Asian man looked directly down at his feet.  Immediately upon passing each other they turned their heads straight and looked forward.  They did not acknowledge each other at all.

Both my wife and I noticed this tragic event in human history.  Tragic because two humans passed each other without the least interest or concern for the other even in the most simplest of gestures; a smile.  Tragic because these two humans may be passing each other this way every day and completely ignoring each other.  If they are not passing each other every day, others are.

When my friends speak of their frustration with the lack of interest in unique and beautiful works of art, I remind them of scenes like this.  If humans are so myopic, that they will not even dignify each other on the path when it costs nothing at all to do so, what will motivate them to purchase a CD that offers new and unique beauty never heard before?

Are you missing out on the smile that a human has for you simply because you do not wish to risk rejection?  Well, start with a No Explanations CD, and as you listen to it in the safety of your home, you might begin to blossom with the courage to smile at the next stranger who crosses your path.

If everyone is protecting themselves from kindness and love, who will protect us from evil?

Love Conquers All Fear!

Two people were listening to a No Explanations recording.  One put the album on and the other, always verbal about how he disliked instrumental and improvised music, was really digging the sounds.  When asked what was up with that he answered, “I love No Explanations Band!  I just don’t want my friends to know because they are into the music of the mainstream.”

The beauty of our fans! Once they start in on our music they get sick of the old, predictable, placating of people who simply don’t matter in the grand scheme, and they begin to embrace the soundtrack of a fully alive existence.  New friends are always welcome!  That is why we create and share!  May we all take a step forward in courage today!

Without us you would have nothing new to listen to!  Without you listening we would have no reason to create!  That is what we call a mutual exchange of love!

Even if you are one of those who are ashamed to admit how much you love us we are totally honored to be on your play list and we love you!

Love is a wave!  Ride it or be engulfed by it!  Either way you win!

To Create Rather Than Complain

Our new CD, (like the preceding 3), will not be available on streaming.  It is available for download at all of the online stores and hard copies can be purchased at our website.  The question “why” has come up yet again and the answer is the same.  Our fans are seeking quality mixing and mastering which can only be discerned on compact disc and vinyl.  We make our music available for downloading because that is the world we live in and we want to be accessible to all of our fans.  Our fans value what we create.  So do we.

As for Spotify and Pandora, the integrity of the artist is at stake here.  It is not up to us to claim “foul” or unfair practices by the music industry.  Narcissism is often at the heart of artistic complaining.  Our goal is to share our joy as artists.  It is not up to us to crusade against injustice.  It is up to us to supersede and even transcend immoral and unethical practices by offering alternatives in quality live experiences, coupled with quality recordings.  People who like the option of streaming are entitled to it.  It is there for everyone and anyone.  Our fans look for a quality listening experience and they find that in our music.

We are honored by, and we value each of our fans.  What we lose in not being accessible to these stations is in fact no loss to us at all.  It is not, as the industry would have you believe, archaic to live this way.  That is the insecurity of the industry lemmings who fear what they themselves do not have the courage to embrace.  i.e. Integrity and personal dignity.

No Explanations